The rebuild begins!

Well, at last we can celebrate the beginning of the rebuild. It is happening.

Some months back a digger turned up and started drilling test pile holes. These had to be driven very deep to ensure we will have the stability we need for a new two-storey building in the site.

But that didn’t feel like real building had started until the boys from Bushnell Builders started in the foundations a few weeks ago.

The first thing they had to do was put a false wall in side the existing past of the shop so that the temporary outside wall could be removed. We had to shuffle things around inside the store, which reduced our space a little, but our staff and customers seem to have coped well with the ever-changing interior of our shop.

The next steps were drilling in the 6m screw piles required to meet code and provide a secure foundation for the building.

After that footings were dug, reinforcing steel added, and the concrete foundations poured for the three shear walls. Now THAT feels like a building has started.

We’ll post updated photos as the work continues, but better still, come down and see us. We’re still open and we’d love to see you. And you can have sneaky peek through the hoardings to see what the builders are up to.

You can peek through the hoardings whenever you like



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